The story

Our family owned firm has been practicing law for decades. We are proud to be a family-run law firm where members of our family have been providing trusted legal services for generations.  We believe this rich tradition and legal experience gives us a unique and comprehensive understanding of what is at stake in practicing law. The practice of law is a three-generation in the Calle family. Our family members has been practicing law in all areas for more than one hundred years, from public service to private practice.

How it all began

Juan José Calle Yabar and his brother José María Calle Yabar were received as lawyers at the Lima Bar Association and began to practice private practice, opening their office at 22 Calle Correo viejo, a firm that later moved to the Plaza de la Recoleta in the city of Lima.

Juan José Calle served both as a private lawyer and as a magistrate. Likewise, he held political positions. He was dean of the Lima Bar Association for six consecutive periods between 1902-1907. In 1916, President José Pardo y Barreda appointed him supreme member, a position he held until 1918. Then he would return to the post of supreme prosecutor until 1926 when he retired, at which time he published his books containg his indictments as a Supreme  Court Prosecutor (Vistas fiscales) in three volumes. During this period, he was appointed President of the Civil Code Reform Commission, a commission made up of the Jurists Manuel Agusto Olaechea,  Pedro M. Oliveira y Alfredo Solf y Muro which drew up the text of the Civil Code, promulgated in 1936 and which governed until 1974. The maxims that Juan José Calle followed are maintained in the late family: “Study, Meditate and Produce”. José María Calle Yabar, continued, after graduation, with the private practice in the buffet they had founded. Later, he was appointed to political office. 

This family tradition continued in all branches of the Calle family, who also held private practice and public office, such as Carlos A. Calle, who was Dean of the Bar Association. Today, later generations continue the family tradition and participate in the law firm.