Immigration – Workers

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For corporations, nonprofit entities, and other organizations, it is occasionally essential to bring an individual worker or a team of workers to Peru from overseas temporarily, and there are also a large number of organizations seeking to expand their operations to American soil. At Estudio Calle abogados, we work with all types of corporations and international organizations to find appropriate immigration solutions for their various needs.


Procedure for hiring foreigners in Perú

Employment contracts with foreign citizens must be concluded in writing and at a specified time. The maximum duration of the employment contract will be three years and can be extended for equal periods. These contracts must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor for approval and afterward to the Migrations Agency so that the visa can be processed later. If the contract is celebrated in Peru, the foreigner must have his stay in force in the country. Workers appointed (designated workers) by a foreign company to work in a local company don´t require approval from the Ministry of labor.

Type of visa

Designated worker:
Temporary visa for those workers who enter Peru sent by their employer abroad, for a restricted and defined period, in order to perform a specific task or function or a job that requires professional, commercial, technical or highly specialized knowledge.

Maximum stay: Up to 90 calendar days Extension: Up to 01 year

Temporary or residence visa for those who enter the country to carry out labor activities due to a contract with a local entity previously approved by the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (

Maximum stay Temporary: Up to 90 calendar days, Residence: 01 year. Extension: Temporary: Up to 01 year, Residence: 01 year