Debt Collection

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We are dedicated to maximizing financial recovery for each one of our clients. The firm represents creditors in the collection of overdue accounts, delinquent debts and open accounts. We use the best practices known in the market. We keep our clients free of any potential harm. Our proposals go from no cure no pay to trial.


The problems

  • Culture and language
  • Lack of local current contact information of debtors.
  • Difficulty in identifying and contacting debtors.
  • Difficulty in accessing the most valuable information.
  • Takes too long to locate debtors and start negotiations.

Basic information

Attorney´s fee.- Normally, a collection debt, before filing a law suit, is carried out by lawyers or law firms, if you do not have an agent or representative in Peru. Fees are establish as a percentage of total debt to be recovered. If a law suit is filed the same rate applies but some times fix fee is agreed if the case requires some special time to evaluate it or to give its opinion.

Lawsuit timing.- A law suit in Peru normally lasts more than what is established in the law. A process, can last, on average, 12 months. It will depend if the case is quite clear or not, if the Defendant has some argument against the plaintiff or finally according to the judge’s work load. Sometimes an extra-trial arrangement could be advisable.

Court´s expenses.– Any law suit has certain judicial fees and costs to bare. A law suit, in general speaking, is not expensive. However, when you want to seize some asset by a judge’s order you have to pay a special tariff according to its value. For instances: a seizure which amounts U.S. $ 280,000 or more requires to pay a tariff of U.S. $ 1,000.00 .