Business litigation

Our Litigation Practice Group knows the stakes for your business in every case we litigate. From fighting potential lawsuits against the company to resolving daily risk management issues and everything in between, we understand that helping clients achieve their business goals efficiently and cost-effectively is the greatest measure of success. 


Generally speaking, the justice system is inefficient- reflected most evidently in the excessive length of time for resolving cases. Delays are caused by high workloads but also by inefficient court processes, such as written proceedings, in-person notification, and the rotation of judges. All these factors harm the duration of cases.


In some specific cases based on certain documents, the processes are faster to execute and less discussion. For example, cases with bills of exchange, promissory notes, or public instruments. Therefore, legal advice must be provided before any transaction.


The Court’s costs are those to be paid to file the lawsuit and those that may be paid during the lawsuit. these costs depend basically on the amount claimed. In general, the total cost of a process is not very high. The biggest cost is the fee to pay when a plaintiff requests to seize some defendant’s property in case he doesn´t comply with the final judgment. Other costs are the attorney´s fees which will depend on the agreement reached with the lawyer. The loser is forced to pay the lawsuit’s cost and the lawyer´s fees paid by the winner, although the court may adjust the lawyer’s fee.