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What can Labor and Employment Attorneys help with?

Our labor attorneys help our clients with the following:

  • Reviewing client employee handbooks, manuals, and policy statements.
  • Assisting with salaries law issues and claims.
  • Representing employers before the labor court.
  • Providing advice on issues involving employeess' rights and obligations.        
  • Providing representation for lawsuits and arbitration procedures under collective  bargaining agreements.
  • Collective bargaining on behalf of clients including strategic planning and acting as spokesperson.
  • Counseling on issues related to strikes or lockouts, and providing related  litigation support.

In the eyes of the law, employees and contractors are as different as apples and oranges. Hence numerous legal issues turn on whether a person is another's employee or, alternatively, an independent contractor.

The distinction is critical for  legal compliance considerations under workers compensation, benefits, insurance, taxation and other legislation.

A good contract prepared by a competent labor lawyer will help remove legal doubts. However, take care. Consider the bias of the person preparing the contract. . What courts see in some contracts is not necessarily what it is in facts, so a good preparation is needed.