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                                                                                                                 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

Services on offer

The types of legal action our expert intellectual property solicitors can work on includes:

  • Legal advice on copyright infringements, management, licensing, clearance and acquisitions
  • Protection of Intellectual Property assets
  • The registration of trademarks, brand management, patents and licensing 
  • Actions against trademark infringements.
  • Protection of business sensitive confidential information and identification and branding
  • Licensing of products and services


Merely registering a trade mark will not itself stop some people from trying to benefit from your hard work and originality. The intellectual property solicitors on our expert team  have the necessary experience to help you take emergency action including application for an injunction in order to protect your assets.

Copyright and patents

Many things can be copyright. Written materials, music, photographs, films, computer software, games and video productions are just some. Under law, copyright automatically applies to these items as soon as you create them, however it is useful to be in a position to prove that the property is yours and when it was created. Similarly with patents which apply to new inventions and innovations, it is vital to protect these assets from illegal replication. Once one of our solicitors registers your patent then you gain full monopoly rights to exploit your invention for a fixed period of up to 20 years! You can also get patent protection internationally, so that nobody in any other country can copy your idea.

Trade secrets and confidential information

Your business has some secret information that is sensitive and not for public eyes. Such information helps sitimulate healthy competition and is similarly important to protect. Contracts often stipulate what may and may not be disclosed to others. In order to effectively police and guard the flow of this information you need to draft agreements. Only an expert knows how to wordthings so that they stand in a court law.