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                                                                                                                 GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT

Public procurement rules in Perú are included in a series of Laws and Directives.  The effect of this national legislation is that contracts for works, supplies and services over a certain value provided by the public sector as well as utilities in water, telecommunications, energy and transport  offering a fundamental service to the public, must be advertised.

Tenders Proceedings.-

During the  awarding procedure,public procurement  law  must  be  fully  respected,  in  particular as far as discriminatory technical standards and objective and transparent criteria are concerned. The aim of  public  procurement legislation  is  to  ensure that competition between bidders  is  fair  and transparent and results in
comparing tenders following identical terms. Thus, all potential bidders  stand equal chances of success and public money is spent on a non-discriminatory fashion that  could lead to serious market distortions and favouritism.

Government purchasing is a 100% formal. No requirement may be forgotten or not included because if so, your opponents will take care of it and get you out of the tender. You need to know, also, those legal preferences in favour of local companies to compare your price.

Medicines, hospital equipments, equipment for water facilities, electricity, oil state company etc are among the industries that normally require products.
Our services range from advising bidders at the stage of drafting their offers to challenging the outcome of tendering procedures.

Regional Governments.-

Perú has entered into a descentralization system that allows to Regional Governments decide about its own purchases. State companies are also passing through Regional Government hands,  so there is a tremendous activity in coming years. Lack of infrastructures , roads, water facilities, transportation   are some of the basic needs they will require in coming years.


The first step is to be registered at OSCE(Organismo Supervisor de las contrataciones del estado)