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                                                                                                      GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS

Government regulations and your business

There are many industries and business which require to comply with any of the numerous government regulations.Taking the time to research the applicable regulations is as important as knowing your market.

Bear in mind that regulations vary by industry. Carefully investigate previously the regulations that affect your industry. Being out of compliance could leave you unprotected legally, lead to expensive penalties, and jeopardize your business. These are some of the areas that required a government approval:

* Food
* Agricultural products
* Electronic equipment (homologation(granted of approval))
* Medical equipment
* Medicines
* Liquors
* Mining -

Business Licenses

There are many types of licenses. You need one to operate legally almost everywhere. If the business is located within an incorporated city limits, a license must be obtained from the city; if outside the city limits, then from the regional government. If you want to do business with the Government you need to register in the government agency previously