“You can not become a truly efective advocate

unless  you know all sides of your subject 

thoroughly,opposing arguments as well as your own.”

G.R. Capp

   Estudio Calle Abogados S.R.L., is a professional partnership dedicated to practice law in all corporate and business areas: taxation, trade, labor, government, corporate governance, commercial law, contracts, intellectual property, international trade and litigation.
A long and continuous family tradition transmitted trough generations allow us to ensure our personal commitment to our clients.
We serve our clients in close relationship, so we are aware about their business expectations and goals; therefore,  we can advise them properly.   


Our practice wouldn´t be successful if we couldn´t count on our personnel. Human relationship is our main principle. 

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Our family tradition was never an obstacle to adapt our firm to technology. We are updated with the latest developments. 


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We work closely with our clients. Knowing their goals and their needs makes us better advisers.

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